Construction of the school built by Manisa Organized Industrial Zone started in 2009 and was completed in 2010. All the equipments which were provided by Manisa Organized Industrial Zone were donated to Ministry of National Education with signing protocol between Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and Governorship of Manisa and came on stream in 2010- 2011 academic year. With the law numbered 6353 published on July 12, 2012, after allowing for establishment of Private Vocational and Technical Education Schools in the Organized Industrial Zones, our school moved to private school status with the new protocol signed between our Ministry and Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and started academic year as the first private vocational and technical Anatolian high school among Organized Industrial Zones on October 22, 2012.


Our school is based on 45.000 m2 land and has 27.000 m2 closed area. There are 61 classrooms, 34 workshops and laboratories, 2 multipurpose conference rooms, 1 amphitheatre, 1 library and a sport hall for 2000 people. In 2017- 2018 academic year, approximately 1300 students are studying with 88 teachers. Our school is the first private school in accordance with legislation related to establishment of private vocational high schools among Organized Industrial Zones. The main goal of our school is to train qualified human power needed by Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.





We as Private MOSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

To raise the competitiveness of the enterprises by raising young people equipped with professional skilled labour, academic and life skills suited to the needs of the age and to contribute to accelerate the exit of our country to the level of contemporary civilization.

OUR VISION                                                                                                            Not to seek a job, to be sought in the business, to raise respectable people in the society



We treat all our students equally.

We are here to provide quality vocational training.

Our students and parents are valuable to us.

The ideas of our students and parents are important to us.

We believe in Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions. We train our students on this road.

We strive to use our existing resources in the best way possible for our students.                              The teamwork and team spirit is important to us.                                                                                   We work for the generation respecting human rights and adopting moral values.


– To contribute to increase the competitiveness of MOSB enterprises by educating young people equipped with professional, academic and life skills appropriate to the needs of the age;

– To realize the quality of education in the school in a way that can meet the needs of the industry and to increase the employment opportunities of the graduates,

– To establish supportive mechanisms to strengthen the interaction between the school and the labor market, to effectively measure, monitor, evaluate and direct the education and training at the school with these mechanisms,

– To contribute to accelerate the growth of our country to the level of contemporary civilization,

And  to train personnel that ‘Not looking for work; be a required to work, respectable in the society’


                                               GUIDANCE                                                                                                              What is Psychological Counselling and Guidance (PCG)? What are the studies of PCG? Psychological Counselling and Guidance, to know the individual, to introduce him / her, to make real decisions, solve its problems, to improve their skills, to make a balanced and healthy adaptation to their surroundings, and thus the whole of the services carried out to help make it happen.

The Basic Aim of MOSTEM Guidance Service,

not to look for a job that has the vision of our school, but to raise respectable people in the sought after society, contribute to taking into consideration the characteristics of the developmental period of all our students and having confidence in themselves, having adaptive and communication skills, sensitive to their environment, happy, healthy, to be self-expressing, being creative individuals who can solve their problems. Various studies are being carried out in line with these aims. Some of these studies are Individual interviews, classroom activities, group work, parental visits and regular home visits, projects, seminars, factory visits, some of these studies are those who are called experts in the field.                                                                                                                Our Policy

The activities of the MOSTEM Psychological Counselling and Guidance unit constitute an integral and complementary part of education and training activities.

At MOSTEM PCG Service;

It is essential to respect for humanity.

It is essential to privacy.

It is essential to respect for individual differences.

It is a subject to responsibility for both the individual and the collective.

It is essential to scientific.

A communication network is established not only with the students but also with the teachers, administrators, administrators and parents in the guidance services and all our students are based on the principles of cooperative collaboration that targets a comfortable educational life span.

It is an open service to all students.

In line with these principles, our guidance service benefits from contemporary guidance models.

It aims to reach the best service in a student-centred approach by planning to work according to the needs of our school, the MOSB enterprises and the society.


  • In our school,
  • All the services such as school service, food service to all students and personals and work uniforms are free.
  • All smart boards in classrooms, workshops and laboratories are always open to used by the students.
  • Sport materials are provided for the students.
  • Practicing materials which will be used in the workshops and laboratories are supplied for the students.
  • All personal cabinets are submitted to all teachers and students.
  • All fixtures for workshops and laboratories are supplied on time.
  • Stationery equipments, which students need, are provided free.
  • Automatic machines were bought for students’ food and drink needs.
  • Equipments for school orchestra are supplied.
  • To increase our students’ vocational motivation, free school trips and conferences are organized.
  • To learn the expectations of the working life to our students is aimed at during the learning process.
  • To feel themselves valuable and important, industrial coaching service is given by the firms to our students.
  • The efficiency of vocational education is evaluated by engineer/ technician/ foreman and our teachers.
  • Vocational education, cultural and historical school trips are organized free of charge.
  • Free courses are arranged for the students who aim at university.






  1. The students who have participated in the centre test made by the Ministry of National Education fill the pre-registration form by coming to the registration office together with the student’s parents for pre-registration to the 9th grade of the school.

Added documents to the pre-registration form:

  1. Photocopy of identity card
  2. Document of the exam result
  3. Athlete Licence, Document that showing the grades received in national and international scientific and technical project competitions.
  4. Students who are parents have a workplace related to the departments that is trained in our school; an approved document from the relevant institution that indicates the workplace is active and indicates the occupational field of the workplace.
  5. A document showing that a Martyr/Veteran child or relative.

3-5 person registration committee is created by the school management/managing bodies. This committee interviews the student who comes to the pre-registration and grades according to the following criteria and writes its opinions on the Vocational Qualification Performance Evaluation form.

Vocational Qualification Performance Evaluation criteria:

  1. Student’s desire to receive vocational training
  2. Student’s interest to the profession
  3. Student’s ability to the profession
  4. Student’s physical characteristics convenience to the profession
  5. Profession inventory test application
  6. b) At the end of the evaluation of overall score, consists of the central examination score prepared by Ministry of National Education, vocational qualification performance score and, other documents added to the pre- registration form; students, ranked from the highest score to the lowest up to the quota, win the final enrollment right to our school. Students won the final enrollment right but not registered lose their right and instead of unregistered ones, students in waiting list can enroll the school until the record expires.



Students, who are successful, get scholarship as a result of negotiations with Maxion İnci and Tirsan Kardan companies. Success scholarship is a scholarship which to support student’s academic success, participation in extracurricular activities and positive behaviors in the school. It is just for a year. Same students get success scholarship in the following years if they follow the same criteria. If student, who has this scholarship, take disciplinary action, this student loses the scholarship. This kind of scholarships contributes to improve our students’ morals and motivations.




We attach great importance to the establishment of mechanisms that will show the interaction between our school and MOSB establishments so that qualified education can be realized and students will be able to do skills training / internship / summer practice in these places so that they can graduate. Effective student vocational training is one of the mechanisms that we think.

In our school the students who passed the 12th grade of the Anatolian Technical Program will have 300 hours summer internship and the 12th grade students in the Anatolian Occupation program will complete the internship by continuing the practice of ‘vocational education at the enterprises’ three days a week during the academic year.



Our school has made a protocol with the establishments operating in the agreed areas to provide support in the organized industrial zone. According to this protocol, our students apply ‘mentoring’ from the 10th grade to the on-the-job training and ‘on the job training’ from the 11th grade on the some days of the week.


Technical Departments


Anatolian Technical Programme

  1. The Department of Industrial Automation Technologies
  2. The Branch of Mechatronics
  3. The Department of Electric and Electronics Technology


Anatolian Vocational Programme

  1. The Department of Engine Technologies
  2. The Branch of Machine Manufacturing with Computer –Integrated
  3. The Branch of Machine Design with Computer Aided
  4. The Branch of Machine Maintenance and Repair
  5. The Branch of Industrial Mold
  6. The Department of Metal Technology
  7. The Branch of Welding


Life at Technical Colleges

It will be received 20-second school video images by mobile phone of the students from each school.


We are in contact with students who graduate from our school. We help students who need jobs to have a job by directing them to the businesses that need them.

Within this scope, 300 students who graduated from our school this year and the last years have been found in various businesses in the Manisa Organize Industrial Zone. In this way, it helped to create the qualified human power that the industry needed. Our school provides opportunities not only for students who need to work but also for students who want to provide academic careers.



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